The Altay Gallery

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space for the exhibition of sculptural furnitures

In the Altay Gallery-Workshop in Mipanas you will find works of art created from natural forms and locally transformed. This unique art can be taken home and enjoyed with others. Mipanas is a rural village where nature plays an important role, and the Altay Gallery is the first of its kind in the Aragon region. Artists and craftsmen with a vision will be invited here similar to display your creations. The gallery is a space for the union of people and celebration with events and tastings.

table decoration
set of table and chairs
table with decoration
side table
low coffee table
mirror with sculptural frame

Copyright © Altay Rumeu

Guest Artist

Elisabeth de Quaasteniet

I was born in 1959 in The Hague, Holland. I studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rotterdam. And 19 years ago I am based in Arcusa in the Sobrarbe area. I am a painter and sculptor, for 20 years I gave courses sculpture intensives in Spain, France, Holland and Germany

Now I am dedicated to working on my sculpture work, for which I use stone and wood and in my paintings that I do it with various techniques. The creations are based on the exploitation of the human figure, they are abstract or figurative. The works are installed in different places in Sobrarbe: the hotel Land Buxo in Arcusa; in the "El Reino del Sobrarbe" winery, in Aínsa; in the"Monastery of Boltaña",And in hotel Sanchez restaurant in Ainsa.

two olive wood sculptures
Couple, Olive Wood
H/R Sánchez, Aínsa
olvio wood sculpture
Torso in Olive Tree
Hotel Tierra Buxo, Arcusa
ash wood sculpture
Torso in Fresno
The Monasterio, Boltaña
five portraits in acrylic
Acrylic portraits
the band Banana Savana
several acrylic portraits
Acrylic portraits
surrounding neighbors
several acrylic portraits
Acrylic portraits
surrounding neighbors
stone sculpture representing a head with two faces
Calcian Stone
Arcusa Square

Copyright © Elisabeth de Quaasteniet

Elisabeth de Quaasteniet
Arcusa, Sobrarbe
Huesca, Aragón

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